Thank you for viewing The Catholic Community of Saints Peter & Paul’s Program Service Policy. This policy explains how we handle potentially-sensitive personal information and issues that arise within our programs. If you have any questions or concerns about our programs, please contact our office at (201) 659-2276.

Parishioner Personal Information

We keep all potentially-sensitive parishioner information confidential. The information is collected and maintained through a combination of web forms, Parishsoft database, physical files and FaithDirect. Parishioners’ credit card information is maintained by FaithDirect, and Ss Peter & Paul does not have access to it. We do not share any potentially-sensitive personal information with anyone except as part of an ongoing investigation as required by law. Information shared with the Archdiocese is general data, not individual parishioner data. As part of their employment orientation, all employees must agree to and sign a confidentiality agreement.

Parishioner Grievances

For grievances during a program, parishioners may always contact the program’s director. All staff members’ contact information is available here. If the parishioner is not satisfied after this discussion, he or she may contact the Pastor who, pending approval, will set up an appointment. The pastor maintains an open-door policy for parishioner input.

Parishioners find their suggests urgent enough to set up a meeting with a staff member are encouraged to voice them in the program survey completed at the end of every programs session. New parishioners are encouraged to contact the staff or the pastor with any questions or concerns they have via a welcome email and a phone call.

The Pastor gives parishioners the opportunity to express grievances about his own performance as part of his open-door policy. If parishioners wish to report a grievance about the pastor to a third party, they may contact the Archdiocese of Newark’s Director of Diocesan Priest Personnel, Rev John J Paladino at (973) 497-4220 or

All are welcome!

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