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Today we see our world as a more dangerous and unsafe place. Yet we will not change it by simply locking ourselves up in our homes and hoping that the problem will go away.

Pope Francis wants us to “rebel” and to fight against the ills of society. We see terrorist attacks popping up around the world, abortion numbers rising, and people being less and less happy. We need to proclaim that only by returning to God will our world change. We need to be dynamic Catholics spiritually, logically, and physically.

Catholics who pray daily will be more likely to follow the will of God in their lives. They will also be more likely to evangelize and help the poor. They will realize that God can be found in people who are disadvantaged. Catholics who read books on Catholicism also have a dynamic faith as they are constantly looking at ways to learn and to apply their knowledge to the world. They will be the problem solvers of the world.

Seven percent of the US Catholics accomplish 80 percent of the work of the Catholic Church. This means that most of us are not growing in our faith. We as Catholics could unite and solve major societal issues such as poverty. There are 70 million Catholics in the US while there are about 43 million Americans who live in poverty. If every Catholic in the US would help a poor family with buying groceries or with other necessities, we could end poverty. We just need to all take a stand for an issue and we would accomplish it. Catholicism can change the world if we allow it to. Before Christianity hospitals didn’t exist, but now they are a major part of life. We all realize that issues such as gun violence, and healthcare need to be changed.

Let us be loud as Pope Francis reminds us and fix the world.

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